Shivananda Maharaj

Shivananda Maharaj is a renowned spiritual Guru and multi-faceted humanitarian. Shivananda Maharaj gives a way of peace of social and family life.
Born in 1956 at Badu village of Mahyamgram, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India, in a Brahaman family.
He took over his father Late Tatpurushananda Maharaj founded Maa Kalyeneswari Mandir after his education life and started an ashram name as Shivananda Shevashram for the service to his village people. The ashram now active in whole of West Bengal by branches, offers educational and self-development programs poor people by the help of his rich Sishyas and Donation. He is helping youth turn away from gang violence, drugs and alcohol and become as his family man.

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